Our mission is to accompany enterprises and particulars in their efforts of integrating 3D processes, notably in the domains of construction and interior design.

With our experience in the fields of architecture and conception within the digital sphere, we have identified 3 directions in which we hope to propose high quality services.

We have named these 3 categories: BelleVue, AnyShape and EasyBIM and in the following paragraphs we would like to detail about each for a bit.

· BelleVue is about the creation of architectural renders which combines the realism of the material with the ambient lightning, vegetation, natural or constructed environment in which the object will be placed. BelleVue also focuses on high quality interior renders that puts in value the ideas of the interior architect. Beyond from being a simple service, BelleVue is a continual search for appropriate textures, environmental elements, lighting effects that best enshrine our clients’ creations. To this effect, we have chosen Blender as our primary rendering software as it offers an extraordinary flexibility in material choice and every other element required to make great-looking renders and due to its continuous development and support.

· AnyShape designates the desire of 3D modeling any shape imaginable to be integrated in either an exterior or interior architectural composition. Architecture is about organization of space, so the 3D modeling of it and of the objects populating it remains a priority. The only limitation to this concept must be creative vision and not the proficiency of using a 3D modeling software. AnyShape wishes to satisfy this principle, offering 3D modeling services that range from extremely-detailed organic forms realized through “sculpting” procedures to the very precise, parametric models realized with CAD and BIM-type software. A simple drawing, sketch or photo could be the starting point of a 3D adventure to which AnyShape will incorporate a lot of computerized 3D technologies to bring it to life.

· EasyBIM. Having existed for some time already, BIM methods are without doubt the future in the domain of conceptualizing architectural spaces. The advantages of utilising the BIM procedure are well-documented and don’t need to be discussed here. With our experience in utilizing one of the most powerful BIM programs, the well-known Revit, we have created EasyBIM as an advanced parametric modeling service that takes full advantage of this software whilst eliminating the inconveniences of “BIM bureaucracy” that sometimes accompanies this process. EasyBIM signifies that your project will be analyzed according to its characteristics and its objective and we will adopt the most efficient method for its BIM modeling. The creation of parametric families capable of adapting to the development of the project are equally included within EasyBIM.

In conclusion, these three services proposed can function independently or can be utilised together. In the request for an architectural render, for instance, we can propose the 3D modeling of missing objects or we can spruce up any given model.

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